What does a Web Designer do

What does a Web Designer do

Ever imagined a world where you can visualize the ideas of your mind? Well, if you too are a procrastinator and love to give shape, size and colour to your imagination, a career in graphic designing would just serve you right. 

Humans are all highly visual creatures as out of all our senses, we use our eyes the most. If you wonder about life as a designer, expect to deal with a mix of photos, fonts, illustrations, colours to stimulate your mind. One can ideate, experiment, innovate, and play while doing brainstorming, sketching, and conceptualizing a project. But. as they say, there’s no pro without a con. While having fun at work, a designer had to also meet deadlines and re-work with the client’s iteration endless times. The biggest challenge in a web designer’s daily work is being accurate, fast, adaptive, flexible, accepting and patient.

 As a web designer don’t just expect a chill-day all along but if you love your work, you will have fun even doing repetitive client alterations. But take our word, it is a complete desk-job as you have to glue yourself to your designing pad and laptop without realizing the time mostly.  

Another important aspect of the design is being responsive. Most of the time you are communicating something and your task is to get the message through clearly. You have to visually interpret the message of your client for their product that will appeal to their customers. You will then have to make a lot of tricky decisions through each project, which will later define you as a successful designer. 

Traits to have: Highly imaginative, responsible, responsive, creativity, punctuality, problem-solver, adaptive, patient.

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