What does a Digital Marketer do

What does a Digital Marketer do

Marketing is exciting and when it comes to digital, it is even more exciting as the factor of running around on the streets decrease.
As a digital marketer, your workstation would either be in-house in a product company or at an advertising agency that clubs up clients from different industries. Your job is the promotion of products or brands across the Internet. Digital Marketing is all about sharing the right content across the web, enhancing audience engagement and joining conversations to ensure a beneficial connection with them to establish a brand identity and build trust with the potential customers to gently guide them towards a sale.

If you are going to establish relationships with people online, you need to first think about the key to connect: know what they want to talk about, what problems they need you to solve, and how their requirements can be achieved or acquired through the brand you are representing. Researching and reading industry trends and scanning other established social media accounts can help you identify the ways you can connect and understand your audience to reach them effectively.

On an ideal day of a digital marketer, they need to plan and coordinate closely with the marketing team which involves graphic designers, content writers, copywriters, SEO managers and campaign managers (in bigger teams). The work involves the accumulation of marketing ideas, channelizing these ideas throughout the social media, giving direction for the creation of the content in the form of images, posts, and blogs, making a content plan, and attending a lot of client calls!

A digital marketer needs a burst of new- engaging ideas, overflowing strategies, and always a Plan B. S/he should always possess creative skills to hold a bright spot in the customer’s mind and it is only possible by abundant creativity. Creativity includes fluent and understandable communication skills with regards to their audience, flair of communicating a message in a few limited words, awareness of the changing trends everyday, presence of mind to change that market trend to appear unique in a market to attain more customers and many more. Content writing is the king of Digital Marketing career.  Apart from the regular maintenance and updating of the content and strategies on social media, a digital marketer is also responsible for the placement and execution of ads on different channels, and the responsibility of managing the finances related to it. 

Traits to have: social media savvy, writer, strategic thinker, dreamer, quick learner, imaginative, adapts to pressure, team-management, witty, flexible with the changing trends, multi-tasker.

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A writer with 9+ years of stained experience on paper. She's been into copywriting and content for advertisement with 20+ brands. Apart from the ad copies, she also writes blogs which, considering why you're reading this, makes perfect sense. She's best known for writing fiction, non-fiction, advertising copies, ad campaigns, and has won the best writer award from her former companies three times. She was also a semi-finalist for "Bumble's most influential women in India" in the year 2019. Apart from writing, you can find her running "Womeant" (a social initiative for women empowerment) and educating street kids to pass time.


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