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“ To make this world a better place, we proudly sowed our seed to empower the youth with the required skills.”

Although knowledge is often referred to as power, skills are the key components to use that knowledge and make it through life successfully.

To create the largest community of skilled people, We, at Skill at Will are establishing a community of “quality” trainers as well as institutes where individuals can easily access various training programs to up-skill, re-skill or learn a new skill for their personal and professional development. This mission of leveling up the skills of the people started with just one goal: to be able to create a world where people will be able to procure the jobs based on their skills and not just by basic theoretical education.

We believe that people can attain their maximum potential in their respective fields if they learn that skill specifically and become masters in the field. To achieve the dream where people will choose their jobs rather than accepting whatever they get, we have ideated this concept to realize every person’s working potential to the peak.

Our Story

Our Founder, Abhishek Patil has always believed that Education, Experience, and Exposure are the three foundational pillars on which a person can build a successful personal and professional life.

Gaining expertise in both education (Master’s Degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from Manchester Business School, UK) and work (Daimler Benz, India and Mitsubishi Fuso, Japan), with the vigilant observations of the changing business environments, technology advancements, digital transformations, and its impact in the 20 countries he’d traveled, it was clear to him that the advancements in technology and automation are increasing rapidly and will affect millions of jobs all over the world. On the other hand, amidst all this job-storm, plenty of new jobs are emerging, demanding new skill sets, deeper knowledge, and better techniques, which the current generation students are not exposed to and have no knowledge about. Hence, they lacked access to quality education & experience of working with this evolved technology to identify their interests and passion to build a career in these emerging domains.

Skill At Will was started in order to solve this impending problem of large scale unemployability among students who are decorated with degrees but not with the skills the market requires. We introduce the students to various tech career paths and provide them access to affordable yet quality training in certain key areas to help them upskill, or reskill themselves, and finally build better careers.

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Our Vision and Mission


To inspire, enable and empower individuals and build the largest community of skilled people for the progress of the society.


To provide access to each and every individual the means to continuously learn, hone and master skills that support their development and success.

Our Values

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