Here is Why To Perk Up With An Internship

Here is Why To Perk Up With An Internship

Internships offer you the ‘real world’ platform to apply the knowledge you have gathered throughout your education before getting into a formal job. It can be long term or short term, paid or unpaid. Some internships may be a culmination of formal education with an academic supervisor & a company supervisor, it also adds to the credit earned as a part of completing some of the degrees.

The importance of an internship is often underestimated. But in this dynamically changing & competitive job market, internship becomes pertinent & it adds immense value to a fresher before taking up their first full-time job.

How Does an Internship Help You? 

1. Knowledge

  • Apply the knowledge acquired during your formal education
  • Gain functional knowledge which can be efficiently used across multiple domains 
  • Knowledge Creation - Creation of new concepts by combining & transferring implicit & explicit knowledge

2. Exposure

  • Get exposure to different domains & a formal work environment 
  • Cross-training - an opportunity for interdepartmental training 

3. Skills

  • Develop & refine your skills
  • Acquire transferable skills  

4. Teamwork and Networking

  • Learn to work with a team 
  • Network with professionals from various domains

5. Mentorship

  • Be mentored by experienced professionals

6. Aptitude and Creativity

  • Identify the aptitude in the field 
  • Improve creativity & problem-solving ability

7. Job Scope

  • Achieve an edge in the job market
  • Get certified performance rating

Sales Internship

The sales function is vital in successfully running any business across the globe. Hence before opting for a career in sales, it becomes imperative to do a sales internship. There are different stages in the sales funnel from understanding your customers, marketing, business development to the selling of products/services before generating revenue for the business. 

As a sales intern, you will be exposed to 

  1. Product and Service designing strategies
  2. Market research on the demand for products/services
  3. Identifying the target group & learning consumer behaviour 
  4. Knowledge of various Marketing techniques online/offline marketing
  5. Devising Go To Market for product/services for specific target groups
  6. Generating Leads 
  7. Networking & rapport building with the leads
  8. Pitching the products/services
  9. Converting the leads to customers
  10. Following up with the customers for periodic review & feedback 

Sales Internship at Skill at Will

Sales are not just about the ability to convince a customer to buy a product but the acumen to identify target groups & offer the product/services based on the needs of a target group. It requires a study of consumer behaviour along with good communication skills. Most importantly, the person has to be fuelled by intrinsic motivation to be an efficient & effective sales professional. 

Skill At Will brings you a Marketing Management Package through its Sales Internship Program (SIP) which offers you a platform to apply the theory, gain hands-on experience in business development, marketing, sales and also enhance your research skills in studying the consumer & market trends. 

In a period of 3 months, we offer holistic training to be a marketeer along with a certificate indicating your performance in multiple aspects of Marketing Management by subject experts in digital marketing, sales, business development & psychology of consumer behaviour. On successful completion of an internship with a performance rating of above 80%, you will have an opportunity to be inducted as a Customer Success Executive at Skill AT Will.

Skill at Will internship report sample

How to Apply for an Internship at Skill At Will 

  1. Visit here to access the ‘Sales Internship Application’
  2. Fill out the details
  3. Upload your CV & submit the google form

We shall get back to you once we review your application.

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Veeanta is a design thinking expert following a person-centred approach to blend arts, science and technology to solve problems. She is a performance & performing artist with a Diploma in Popular Theatre & Development Communication. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, full-time master’s in diverse areas such as Social Work, Philosophy & recent Management & Marketing from University College Cork, Ireland. 

With over 15 years of experience in action research, psychotherapy, human resource development in communities & strategic management of organizational transformation across diverse industries such as Education Management, Insurance, E-commerce, Advertising, Real Estate etc. in Europe, Asia & U.A.E; Veeanta is now on a mission to apply her plethora of knowledge and capabilities to help Indians become skilled and employable by providing them opportunities to grow and better their careers through the Skill At Will platform.


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