What does a Sales Executive do

What does a Sales Executive do

If you enjoy the buzz around the time when a sale is around or when it is the closing of a sale, then a career as a sales executive could be ideal for you. Your role as a sales executive would be to sell a company's products or services to a larger audience. Sales can be domestic (within India), international, or a combination of both.

Whether it is approaching the potential customers with the aim of a new business or targeting the old customers for a new sale, you will have to maintain good relationships with all of them, gaining repeat business wherever possible. Sales executives usually operate in either of the two main categories:

  • Business to Business (B2B)

  • Business to Customers or Consumers (B2C).

Whatever your product or service, your job is to sell as many of your company’s goods or services as possible along with the maintenance of a  good relationship with clients.

On a regular day in the life of a sales executive, the pressure will be on to achieve your targets, so expect busy days with an occupied to-do list. As a sales executive, you will need to:

  • Visit potential customers for new business

  • Provide customers with quotations

  • Negotiate the terms of an agreement and close sales

  • Gather market and customer information and provide feedback on buying trends

  • Represent your organization at trade exhibitions, events, and demonstrations

  • Identify new markets and business opportunities

  • Record sales and send copies to the sales office

  • Review your own sales performance

The sales industry is target-driven and as a consequence, the work can mostly be demanding and full of pressure. Conditions or requirements of work may vary widely w.r.t your field of operation. You could be based in the UK or overseas and employed remotely or you may work from a physical office, but most of the time you’ll be out hunting for a potential audience. Sales executives are generally expected to present their best foot forward every day while meeting a customer. So, don’t think of it as weird when you find “grooming” as a part of your job description. You might need to always look professional and smart, particularly when liaising with clients. The working culture created by management and colleagues can often be competitive.

Travel within a working day, overnight absence from home and overseas work are all common. The constant travel, sometimes with overnight stays or longer business trips, may affect your social and personal life. This is not a regular office job, so expect to be working long hours – especially when you have targets to meet. Many sales executives spend a lot of time on the road or travelling overseas.

Traits to have: influencer, good communication skills, a knack to connect with people, a quick learner, adaptive, work under pressure, always ready with a Plan B.

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