What does a Software Developer do

What does a Software Developer do

Wake up, brush up to work, stare at a screen, tap the hell out of the keyboard, come back home, and sleep thinking about the next code. This is the daily routine of a typical developer. The usual developer spends the majority of their time either burying their heads in the thick programming books or sticking their eyes to dim-lit computers. This might sound too gloomy to some, but when it comes to the “power of creation” and “thick pockets”, a job of a developer is an ideal one for people who can deal with strict deadlines and monotonous, desk-jobs. According to the latest survey by Stack Overflow, more than 60% of the Software developers spend 9+ hours per day with a screen in front of their eyes. 

Software development is a stressful and challenging job. Strict and stingy deadlines are just one side of the story. Other grey areas include the constant keeping up with customer demands, market trends, and many unforeseen complications. Programmers or developers orchestrate code lines to execute it at the right places and get the desired output. One could see this as an art and to master an art, one should keep a relaxed mind. So basically, a stressed mind is not a very good aspect for developers. 

Writing documentation is an integral part of a developer’s life which means a developer is already a technical writer. A successful developer needs to use the ability to express in words with what s/he knows, and what s/he feels. It could simply be a review of the technology you recently deployed or the overall experience with a code or a product. Anything is okay. To sum up the experience of a developer, a regular day would be to deploy a new code that has been cre­at­ed, test­ed, and agreed by the client in the sprint to the live servers. In case of any data­base change, they also bring the website offline for a cou­ple of min­utes to fix the issue and go live. Once all the code has been deployed, the next step is to check the mon­i­tor­ing and error logs to ensure the backup and smooth runway through the site. Till then, it’s the hour of the day for a well-earned cup of tea and some relax­ation time ready to start the next sprint the fol­low­ing day. 

Traits to have: passion, perseverance, patience, experimentation, imagination, code-love, mathematical logic, flair with English, solution-driven.

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Jasmine Bano

A writer with 9+ years of stained experience on paper. She's been into copywriting and content for advertisement with 20+ brands. Apart from the ad copies, she also writes blogs which, considering why you're reading this, makes perfect sense. She's best known for writing fiction, non-fiction, advertising copies, ad campaigns, and has won the best writer award from her former companies three times. She was also a semi-finalist for "Bumble's most influential women in India" in the year 2019. Apart from writing, you can find her running "Womeant" (a social initiative for women empowerment) and educating street kids to pass time.


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Raheema k N

October 23, 2021 07:55:10 PM

I got AI - ML And I would like to Join in Software Developer field


Raheema k N

October 23, 2021 08:02:16 PM

I have coded on my projects too


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