Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning, in artificial intelligence (a subject within computer science), discipline concerned with the implementation of computer software that can learn autonomously.

Amazing Facts to Know about Machine Learning

machine learning is already utilized in many parts of the world and has been acquired by several organizations. However, we still need to learn more about this technology because it will soon be used frequently. The following are some facts about machine learning that are worth knowing.

$3.1 billion is the total amount raised by machine learning companies. 97% of all mobile users prefer a machine learning-powered voice assistant to help them out with their questions. 42.08% is the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for the global machine learning market.

Advantages of Machine Learning

Machine Learning algorithms are capable of learning from the data we provide. As new data is provided, the model's accuracy and efficiency to make decisions improve with subsequent training.

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