Introduction to SQL Database and Coding

Introduction to SQL Database and Coding

Data is a major part of various web applications or mobile applications. For instance, if we take Facebook, it has all the information of users and a further large collection of related data. For managing this amount of data, a proper database tool is required. Hence, in applications like these, we can seamlessly use SQL (structured query language) which allows programmers to manage the data systematically. 

SQL database which is generally known as Structured Query Language is a form of standard language which allows you to access the database and even manipulate it. It consists of functions such as database creation, editing, and fetching rows, deletion of the database and much more. It is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) based standard language. However, you can find various versions of SQL database and coding. These versions support the major commands like select or update.

Benefits of SQL Database and Coding

Compare to read/write APIs such as ISAM or VSAM this database has the following benefits:

•    Using one individual command it can access many records

•    One can reach a record without specifying the index

•    Queries of the database can be easily executed

•    There is an option to retrieve any data

•    Records are inserted in a database via SQL

•    One can update, delete or create a completely new database

•    There is also a feature to create new tables and set certain permissions to them

SQL Database is used to manage data for programming based on the relational database management system (RDBMS) or using relational data stream management system (RDSMS) which helps the in-stream process. 

Popular SQL Database Systems


It is an open-source database system which is completely free. Due to no licensing fee, it is used mostly by start-ups. It is also used in applications and software which are open-source. It supports various platforms like Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Mac OS X. Depending on the objective of its use, the paid version was also launched. 


•    Performance-wise it is very good and has great availability

•    Data is secure and safe

•    Flexible 

•    Scalable

•    Data management is done with ease

•    Low cost of management

•    Support provides 24 by7

•    Applications are developed in a very comprehensive manner

MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server known as Microsoft SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System which was created by Microsoft Inc. T-SQL and ANSI SQL are its major query languages. It runs on various versions of the well-known Windows operating systems. It can be used both on the consumer as well as web software. 


•    Performance-wise, it is very good and has great availability

•    You get the option of clicking snapshots of the database and mirroring

•    Integrated CLR and XML

•    There is also a feature of database mail, ranking and trying the catch

•    Isolation stages are based on the row version


Oracle which is a popular relational database management system was developed by 'Oracle Corporation' and is a multi-user platform too. It has great power to manage all the data efficiently and shares the database related information to multiple users on request and it is sent via a particular network. MS-DOS, NetWare, UnixWare, OS/2 and most UNIX flavours all are supported by Oracle.


•    Good performance and scalability

•    It is portable and has advanced tools of analytics

•    The option of data warehousing and mining

•    The application is tested on a real-time basis

•    There is an option of locking the database and even managing it freely

•    There is a feature of scheduling and resource management

•    Tables can be compressed using it

•    One can get a view in materialized form

•    Partitioning and security of data in totality


Microsoft Access known as an entry-level database management software is also quite popular. It is free and is also a very powerful tool to manage projects which are performed on a small scale. It works on the Jet database engine hence also called Jet SQL. It consists of an MS Office package with the great user interface in graphical form.


•    Tables, queries, forms, and reports can be created and connected via Macros

•    In various formats such as Excel, Oracle, SQL, and such the data can be imported or exported

•    With the Jet Database format, data can be shared easily among multiple users

•    Queries are parameterized which means it can be taken as a reference through VB6 and .NET

•    The database in Microsoft Access is based on the file server


SQL database and coding is used in various areas in various industries and has great scope to solve database queries.  Finance and banking industry requires great safety of data and thus SQL transforms all data into a particular code to maintain risk compliance. 

Social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat consist of many data processing steps. Thus, SQL is used for data storage of users' profiles and even updates the database regularly. Even all the data of users is retrieved, modified and collected at one place with SQL.

So are you planning to learn any of these? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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