Technology News Round Up: Whatsapp Group Call, MIT Pilot Drones

Technology News Round Up: Whatsapp Group Call, MIT Pilot Drones

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1. WhatsApp Takes on Zoom With Increased Group Call Limit for iPhone Users

WhatsApp v2.20.50 for iPhone rolled out the new increased group calling limit feature, and the update supports both voice and video calls for up to eight participants, an upgrade from the current four participant limit. Now that iPhone users have started using the feature, it would only be a short while before Android users will receive it as well.
Read how to activate it here


2. IT Company Employees Can Work from Home Until July 31

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Union Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication held a meeting with all the IT ministers across the states on Tuesday in which he extended the relaxation of VPN norms till the end of July. Employees in the Information Technology sector can now work from home till July 31 (if their respective companies allow). Read the full story here


3. MIT Team Releases a Video of the Method to Pilot Drones via Arm Gestures

A team of MIT researchers has released a video showcasing their recent development with remotely pilot drones using arm and hand gestures. The team demonstrated the mechanics using the 'Conduct-a-Bot' system to manoeuvre the drone through hoops.
Read the story here

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