What is an Ed Tech

What is an Ed Tech

You might have heard of Fin-Tech, Health-Tech, Food-Tech, and so on, but have you ever heard of Ed-Tech?

Startups or tech companies have started this trend for naming their businesses. Just like companies who have amalgamated food with technology are called Food-Tech companies, those dealing with health using technology as Health-Tech and companies dealing in finance with technology as Fin-Tech; A startup or a company which is binding education with technology is referred to as an Ed-Tech company. The focus of an Ed-Tech company is to provide technology tools to schools/colleges/universities/teachers/students/companies to innovate and have a specified set of approaches for education. Ed-Tech brings in innovation in classroom training, online training, and many other hybrid methodologies.

There are various categories of Ed-Tech startups and companies and provide varying levels of applicability such as:

1. Platforms for bridging students with many institutes, colleges and universities to showcase and offer educational contents courses and so on using digitization, online classes, videos, and so on.

2. Developing apps for online classes, digital books and libraries. Gamification of tutorials, 3D interaction for better understanding of theories etc.

3. Applying robotics/computer engineering/artificial intelligence in classrooms, online & face-to-face teaching.

4. Building resources and training manuals for everyone from kindergarten to anyone who is pursuing some sort of education.

5. It also helps build management systems for institutions and education providers of varying degrees, to have a better attendance system, monitoring growth, admission process etc.

The current pandemic has created a need for all the educational institutes, no matter the size, to develop a hybrid approach for offering education. It is the need of the hour for institutions to adapt to tech-based education. Tech-based is the only means through which institutions can match up to the global trends and move ahead in time.

The new National Education Policy 2020 has emphasized the need for a technologically advanced and world-class education system for India. It has promoted exceptional growth in people opting for certifications and degrees via online mode.

During the current times, the rate of unemployability has risen. Companies are more focused on hiring people with skills. Therefore, now it is increasingly becoming important to acquire skills faster and Ed-Tech companies like Skill At Will are helping people in a big way by bridging the gap between specialized skill development courses and means of upskilling.

With the rise of Ed-Tech, more and more classrooms are becoming virtual and shifting upwards from age-old methods. Ed-Tech is enabling students to better understand the needs of the future. It's helping teachers innovate their teaching techniques. Boring age-old lectures are turning into fun-filled, exciting and vibrant interactions. All thanks to the innovations brought in by the Ed-Tech companies.

Following are the few Ed-Tech startups from India who are changing the education scenario in India:

1. Skill At Will (Zcientia Labs. Pvt. Ltd.) - It was started with the mission to create the largest community of skilled people. Skill At Will has established a community of top-quality skilled trainers as well as institutes where students can easily access various programs to up-skill, re-skill, and learn new skills for personal and professional development. It has a listing of 300+ highly ranked courses from premium institutes/trainers. The platform has a user base of above 10,000 increasing rapidly. The platform has multiple unique features such as a Professional Networking Platform called SkillNet, wherein students can create their own brand by including a video profile even before they graduate & get noticed by the recruiters. SkillNet also has an Explore feature through which students especially freshers can look for the best career opportunities available.

2. Byju’s - Byju’s was started in the year 2012. It offers online interactive learning programs. It offers various courses for different age groups. It has also started offering courses for preparatory exams like JEE and UPSC.

3. Classplus - It was launched in 2015 as Xprep. It focuses on building a complete institution management system. Its features include smart attendance, student reports, fee records and online tests etc.

4. CollegeDunia - Since 2014 it has been the go place for students to find colleges and get the right college. It has information about 27,000+ colleges, 7000+ courses and 350+ exams for various streams.

5. CueMath - Its focus is on math enrichment after school. It is revolutionizing math for both students and teachers alike. It applies a learn by usage approach. It promotes students to learn by doing and out of box thinking.

6. Culturally - Want to perfect your English? Want to learn new languages? Culturally is there to help you out. Through it people all over the world are learning new languages through their audio-visual lessons or by a paid teacher.

7. Edukart - It started in the year 2011 and provides higher education to learners. It offers certification, degree and diploma courses online. It has partnered with top institutions from across the world.

8. Embibe - Embibe was founded in the year 2012 by Aditi Avasthi. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to provide students with personalized feedback. Through Embibe students can track and identify their weak subjects and knowledge gaps. It helps students in test-taking skills, who are preparing for competitive exams.

Ed-Tech companies are offering digital technologies directly to the hands of students, teachers, and parents alike.

It’s the future of education to build an employable India!


Written By

Sanjeev K Das

Business Development Manager

Skill At Will

Mr. Sanjeev has a Degree in Commerce and has done Diploma in Hardware & Networking. He has 10+ years of experience in IT infrastructure implimentation and maintenace. He also has a certification in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Currently he is working at Skill At Will  and narrowing down the gap between people who want to acquire new skills with world class courses at Skill At Will Platform.

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