Technology News Round Up: Facebook, Giphy and COVID 19 Themed Cyber Attacks

Technology News Round Up: Facebook, Giphy and COVID 19 Themed Cyber Attacks

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1. India Witnessed 9,100 COVID-19 Related Cyberattacks in 3 Months: Microsoft

According to a recent report by Microsoft, around 9,100 coronavirus-related phishing and malware attacks by cybercriminals were reported between February 2 - May 2 in India. Notably, India has one of the least numbers of COVID-19 related attacks while Asia, on the whole, reported 1.9 crore such attacks. Microsoft also threw light on the targets of the attackers which are healthcare organizations, state, and local government.

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2. Facebook Acquires Giphy for a Reported $400 mn

Facebook announced its acquisition of GIF-making website Giphy on 15 May and is planning to integrate the GIF library with Instagram. Facebook reportedly said that 50% of Giphy's traffic comes from its apps and a half from Instagram alone. As per the reports, Facebook has bought the platform in a deal worth around $400 million.

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3. Microsoft offers $100,000 bounty to researchers to hack its Linux OS

Microsoft has launched an exciting challenge referred to as the “Azure Sphere Research Challenge”, which is offering security researchers up to $100,000 to end the security of their custom Linux OS. The challenge is an expansion of Azure Security Lab with a top reward of $40,000. The duration is extended to 3 months for the challenge. The last day for applying for the research program is set to May 15.

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