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The trainer has 10 years of software development experience and 7 years of teaching experience. It is the combination of the two that makes his training come alive. Take a demo today to experience his method of training. The trainer's passion is to train and build applications.

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Uttara Info Solutions
Address : #417, NKS Prime, 2nd Floor 20th Main, Chord Road 1st Block,Rajaji Nagar,Bangalore,Karnataka
Phone : 08023528662
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Advanced Java (J2EE) Online-Live 60 days View More
Full Stack Java Offline 240 days View More
Android App development Online-Selfpaced 60 days View More
Angular Offline 40 days View More
Python with Machine Learning Offline 114 days View More
Python with Machine Learning Online-Live 114 days View More
Angular Online-Live 40 days View More
Java Online-Live 50 days View More
Full Stack Java Online-Live 240 days View More

Comments (102)

Aditya Kadambala

May 18, 2020 05:53:28am

The best institute to go without a second thought if you're looking to learn programming and not just a copy paste coder, Vikram Sir is awesome and his way of teaching is just incredible with many real world examples he makes it very easy to understand any topic. Lastly this is the best institute in Bangalore without a doubt..


May 18, 2020 05:57:08am

The best part of the institute is to become individually a hero from zero.The Vikram shastri sir is best trainer I have ever met, not only he himself help in the field of study but also how to deal with life problems and make things worth and work


May 18, 2020 06:06:57am

Joined Uttara with 0 knowledge with regard to coding. Thanks to Vikram sir, his guidance and practical methodologies along with several life lessons I was able to crack multiple interviews easily. I will forever be grateful to Uttara and Vikram sir.


May 18, 2020 06:09:28am

I always enjoyed leaning java thats only because of vikram sir. Its always been joyfull learning. I got placed through Uttara and am doing good in company.

Bharath A N

May 19, 2020 09:26:47am

Best place to learn java, especially fresher need to have patience while doing course. Vikram sir doing great initiative to the students. Hope the Institute move to next level. I was done course from jul-2019 to Nov-2019 and got placed in Dec-2019. I'll shared my some points here. Thanks.

Prajwal Sulepet

May 20, 2020 04:04:05am

One of the best training institute for java in banglore . Specially freshers can learn in better way including hands-on , the way Vikram sir will teach ,never find that kind of teaching .

Bhumika K

May 21, 2020 01:42:20pm

I always like to learn with fun and this happened by listening to vikram sir lecture.He is the best Java trainer I have came across. No doubt in the assistance provided by the Institute is always up to date and responsible. It's a good place to get good technical knowledge and hands on. Overall it's a good place to learn and enjoy.


May 22, 2020 04:01:30am

One of the best and trusted Institute have ever seen.i love Vikram sir teaching bcz even a non programming background person also can be expert in java,. I have joined in uttara for weekend java/j2ee course from October 2018 to sep 2019 and I got placed in April 2020,i would like to thanks uttara and vikram sir and also lab instructors for the great support and opportunity.


May 30, 2020 05:51:06am

One of the best institute to learn java. Vikram sir's teaching is awesome. I got placed through uttara. I am very thankful to vikram sir and his Team.

Abu Kalam Azad

June 3, 2020 08:20:55am

Teaching and giving more importance to the practical and any time mentor support, these are the best in this institute.

Akshay Saxena

June 3, 2020 08:23:34am

The way Vikram sir teaches and makes you learn things are the best and you probably cannot experience this anywhere.

Akshay T S

June 3, 2020 08:25:30am

Teaching was the highlight point at Uttara.

Amitha N S

June 3, 2020 08:28:39am

Good hands-on experience, regular labs, and interactive sessions.

Anvitha Shesh

June 3, 2020 08:31:09am

Teaching techniques of Vikram sir is good and in-depth knowledge of the course.

Ashish Shetty

June 3, 2020 08:33:05am

The best thing about the course is Vikram sir. The guidance he gives in the course helped me to crack many interviews in my college.

Abhishek Huddar

June 3, 2020 08:36:35am

The best thing about this course is Vikram sir because he believed in us.

Abhishek S B

June 3, 2020 08:39:41am

Good trainer and subject content was good

Bhudeo Sah

June 3, 2020 08:43:52am

The best thing is delivering a lecture by Vikram sir, and the lab content provided by him. Lab instructors are very helpful.

Dhanalakshmi H

June 3, 2020 08:48:26am

Teaching with best examples, best lab and placement facilities with good guidance.

Deepa Halyal

June 3, 2020 08:51:20am

Uttara infosolutions is good institute. I learned well.

Pooja P

June 3, 2020 09:12:34am

Very good teaching with the best practical implementations. Very good mentors

Prathima H P

June 3, 2020 09:15:21am

Vikram sir is the best. The amount of interest he takes in each students progress shows how committed he is.

Ravikumar J S

June 3, 2020 09:17:21am

Uttara info solutions are the best place to learn java. here we learn the things which are required for us in our future.

Ravi Bhajantri

June 3, 2020 09:19:38am

The training was very informative and practical

Samarth N Kini

June 3, 2020 09:21:34am

Everything in Uttara is good. Vikram sir is one of the best teachers I know till now. His constant motivation gives a student the confidence to excel in life. Even a non-computer student can start coding after he joins Uttara.

Shiek Sena Reddy

June 3, 2020 09:24:33am

Hands On Practice,And Good Lab Instructors.. Thanks To Vikram For Wonderful Teaching And Thought Us Many Valuable Lessons

Sandhya N

June 3, 2020 09:27:11am

Best java course. It helped me a lot to improve my technical knowledge.

Vinayak Yendigeri

June 3, 2020 09:29:10am

I had to learn how to code and learned many things at Uttara. Vikram sir is the best trainer for java, j2ee and Android. His teaching is excellent and he is expert in more languages, I have ever seen this kind of multi-talented person.

Virupaksha Tippa

June 3, 2020 10:55:55am

Throughout the course, I learnt a lot more things and Vikram Sir teaching is wonderful. This is one of the best institutes to learn JAVA.

Yogesh B S

June 3, 2020 11:05:27am

The introduction is good. Way teacher motivates us to study is good

Akshay Kumar N C

June 3, 2020 11:27:33am

The best tutor i have ever come across. The best place to learn with a lot of support from all the faculties.

Mahesh BudhaThoki

June 3, 2020 11:50:13am

It is one of the best institutions in Bangalore that I can guarantee

Preksha P

June 3, 2020 11:52:20am

The Instructor Mr.Vikram Shastry was indeed a true guide who gave us insight into the actual software industry by sighting his experiences.

Sunil Kumar K

June 3, 2020 11:54:37am

The method of teaching and giving access to videos not only inside the institute but also online.

Sartaz Banu A

June 3, 2020 11:57:28am

Good teaching. Very informative and understanding. Makes learning fun.

Sreesruthi RT

June 3, 2020 11:59:21am

I really enjoyed the teaching. I never liked programming but after joining the institute my perspective changed.

Tania Mendonca

June 3, 2020 12:04:58pm

Vikram sir teaching is so good that it will bring more interest to learn Java.

Akshatha N

June 3, 2020 12:36:15pm

It was an amazing experience in learning each and every detailed concepts of Java and J2EE.

Akshay Badiger

June 3, 2020 12:38:03pm

One of the best java training centre. If u wanna become Dean in development,-->Uttara

Anoop Kumar

June 3, 2020 12:39:38pm

Uttara education is the key to success in life, and Vikram sir make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.

Balasubramani S

June 3, 2020 12:41:41pm

Homely Environment. Got a lot of drives, good exposure to the corporate world. Sir motivational speech inspires a lot. A nice experience.

Bharath B N

June 3, 2020 12:47:18pm

I had a basic knowledge of java. so I joined Uttara to learn the language in depth. Vikram sir explained each and every concept in depth and clearly so that everyone can understand easily. Now I have a good command over java thanks to Vikram sir and Uttara.

Chaitra Kulkarni

June 3, 2020 12:49:55pm

Basic knowledge of programming is provided for non-computer science background students and make them put continuous efforts for hands-on experience is done only in UTTARA.

Dharshan S

June 3, 2020 12:53:00pm

First, I would like to thank the mind booster "Vikram Sir", who made us learn the subjects easily and taught us to build our career. Even, I would like to thank all the instructors, especially "Lokitha mam" who helped us during the labs. Finally, I can say that "Uttara" is the best place to learn and gain knowledge.

Harshitha J

June 3, 2020 12:55:18pm

Vikram sir is one of the best personalities I have come across. The best thing about the course is preparing us according to the technological standards. Lab sessions after every theory session have helped me a lot in having a grip on the concepts. The lab instructors did play a major role in the course, they were supportive throughout the course. I thank them for being there always. I feel confident in Java now though I am from a non-CS background.

Jahnavi Adiga N

June 3, 2020 12:57:51pm

Each concept was explained clearly. Practical labs after each concept helped a lot. Lab instructors were very helpful in clearing my doubts

Karthik M R

June 3, 2020 01:01:36pm

Vikram sir has very good knowledge of java and he is great human being. keep up your work sir!

Lavanya H S

June 3, 2020 01:04:06pm

Vikram Sir's teaching was good and I learnt so many things from them not only about java or study, about our current industry. It is very helpful to us. Thanks to given such useful information.

Laxmi Hosagoudra

June 3, 2020 01:06:51pm

The best thing about Uttara is their quality of teaching. Thank you Vikram sir.

Murari Kumar

June 5, 2020 02:29:40pm

Very nice trainer, Vikram sir teaches everything from scratch so no need to worry about basics anyone who don't know any programming language can start java at Uttara.

Nagashayana B S

June 5, 2020 02:33:12pm

Excellent Java coaching and I learnt in detail of every concept and also learnt hands-on in programming.

Pooja M J

June 5, 2020 02:37:16pm

The best thing is Vikram sir's teaching, the dedication and support to each and everyone's career. Thank you so much, sir, for your most valuable guidance.

Priyanka R

June 5, 2020 02:39:52pm

I want to be a java developer, being an electronics and communication graduate and it is very important to learn coding language which Uttara taught me and Vikram sir's teaching is amazing and video apps help me a lot to learn java. Thank you, sir, for making my dreams come true.

Pooja Pujar

June 5, 2020 02:42:46pm

I learnt many things and learnt how to write a code and how to solve a problem and how to solve problems quickly. Thought how to confident and how to face interviews by conducting test and face to face interview by mentors.vikram sir made it easy how to solve any complex problems easily. He helped us in every stage of course.

Rahul C Shekhar

June 5, 2020 02:44:20pm

The way of teaching every topic in depth from scratch and simultaneously focusing on practicals.

Ramya S Vishwabrahmin

June 5, 2020 02:47:13pm

Best institution to learn Core Java and JEE. I didn't know how to write a program. When I join to this institution I got an idea of how to write code. Vikram sir is the best teacher, he explained every topic so easily.

Sanketh S G

June 5, 2020 02:49:04pm

You provide in-depth knowledge about the course and the way you teach is the best and those videos are very helpful even after we complete the course.

Shreedevi G

June 5, 2020 02:51:01pm

UTTARA is only coaching centre which gives a conceptual/in-depth knowledge of JAVA & J2EE. It's a place where you will get the best lesson on ethics for life from Vikram Sir. Vikram Sir is the best teacher so far I've seen in my life who has given me the best guidance in JAVA as well as moral values.

Shruti Biradar

June 5, 2020 02:52:53pm

The best thing about the course is we can learn any toughest in an easy manner here. Vikram sir teaching is fabulous.

Sowmya S Vishwabrahmin

June 5, 2020 02:55:09pm

Before getting into the program, I got an ability o think about it and able to solve it nicely. I got a lot of the knowledge of programming and coding. It was the best thing I did in my life to join this institution. Vikram Sir you are the best of best. Because Of you only what I am today and what I got a job today. Vikram sir, your teaching is so good and we can understand so easily. If we get doubts, you gave the solutions so easily.

Sujata G

June 5, 2020 02:57:27pm

Excellent place to become the best Java developer.

Venkatesh G H

June 5, 2020 03:36:39pm

Indepth threory and pratical teaching.

Aiyaz Sattar

June 5, 2020 03:39:11pm

A good place to learn the fundamentals of java and new java-based technology like spring and hibernate

Kaveri Iliger

June 5, 2020 03:41:02pm

Sir, I'm very thankful to join this institute. I liked your teaching. practical knowledge is more than other institute students.

Lakshmi R

June 5, 2020 03:42:46pm

I learnt many things in this institute, this course has helped to be us sir teaching has wonderful apart from jokes. U made me build a good career.

Rajeshwari S

June 5, 2020 03:45:08pm

All concepts are taught clearly and in-depth.

Veena M Gowda

June 5, 2020 03:47:34pm

Teaching was perfect and this makes students be attentive in class. Can grasp more things in the course.

Swaroop S

June 5, 2020 03:49:29pm

This course is excellent. The teaching of Vikram Sir is amazing and in simple language

Ajith Pujar

June 5, 2020 03:53:27pm

One of the best institute in Bangalore. Thank you for your help and support

Arpita Deshpande

June 5, 2020 03:55:43pm

The best thing about the course is the way of delivering the content is extremely good, even though people from the non-IT background can easily understand it. All Lab instructors are very nice and help us a lot in all kinds of issues. We also get more information about current trending technologies other than the course which is very useful. Overall it is a very nice experience and I'm happy that I was student of Uttara.

Gangamma K V

June 5, 2020 03:57:56pm

Uttara is one of the best places to learn java. I never see in my life like Vikram Shastri sir. His teaching is awesome. I really like his way of teaching each topic with a real example. Totaly I love Uttara. Thank you so much, sir.

Gururaj Kulkarni

June 5, 2020 03:59:45pm

Everything is good &("PERFECT") to learn the new Tech & things. Thanks to Vikram Sir & Uttara Team who supported me a lot in all the time. Nice Place to learn the course.

Meghana K M

June 5, 2020 04:01:04pm

frequent recaps of concepts, excellent mock interviews and supporting mentors


June 5, 2020 04:23:09pm

Best java training institute in Bangalore

Namya Priya

June 5, 2020 04:24:34pm

Teaching wise it is very good. The experiences that sir shared with us helped me grow into a strong individual that I'm today. Lab assistants are also very helpful.

Prashant P K

June 5, 2020 04:26:25pm

I joined Uttara as part-time Java learner, but it totally impacted my professional career too. Thanks to Vikram sir, all the credits to him!Kudos Very enthusiastic, and teaches very useful and relevant strategies.

Praveen Chanal

June 5, 2020 04:27:42pm

This is the best platform for beginners to learn Java easily. Thanks to Vikram Shastri sir

Ramya A

June 5, 2020 04:29:43pm

Vikram Shastry sir teaching is very good. He helps us code by ourselves and lab instructors help us throughout it.

Roopa Patil

June 5, 2020 04:31:58pm

"Uttara" is a one of the Best Institute which I never have seen in my life, This gives best to start the career and teaches how to lead the life, I never forget this institute in my life. At last Thanks to Vikram Sir and staff for supporting.


June 5, 2020 04:33:24pm

Best place to learn Java. Thanks to Vikram Sir.

Surya KiranH P

June 5, 2020 04:35:29pm

The best thing about the training was the teaching part. In addition to that, the class videos were available for us so that we can revise when we wanted.

Sateesh Vargagol

June 5, 2020 04:37:56pm

1. Best Teaching 2. Good timing maintenance. 3. Lab instructors are good cooperative with students and solving each and every problem.

Sharanu B Koti

June 5, 2020 04:39:55pm

I have not known a single piece about coding before joining the course, I have learnt a lot here how to code, that too Vikram sir was awesome in teaching the skills

Soumya Saurav Sahoo

June 5, 2020 04:42:05pm

Of course, The course is famous for the great personality Vikram Shastry, his knowledge and experience comes into the picture while doing training. I think there cannot be any better java trainer at least in Bangalore. The mentors and the lab facility is superb on the course and the lab attendees are very helpful and co-operative. East or West Uttara is the best.

Srihari Goutham GR

June 5, 2020 04:43:47pm

Vikram sir's teaching has been the best thing. He has been more of a source of inspiration and motivation. I hope he inspires more and more students.

Srikanth J R

June 5, 2020 04:45:52pm

The training was very good and well trained in depth.

Sushmitha Reddy

June 5, 2020 04:48:37pm

The best thing about this institute is Code Eval and Vikram Sir Best Practise methods.

Sagar Bandiwaddar

June 5, 2020 04:50:21pm

One of the best course in today's IT life. I learned so many things in java language training course.

Sunil kumar G

June 6, 2020 07:48:25am

You will learn basics and advanced topics thorougly if you follow the instructions by the trainer. The way of teaching is really good in this institute. I got placed within 4 months. Placement is very good in this institute. I would suggest you to learn as much as possible during learning period as during work you will not be given as much as time you have now and most of the companies wont give further training on topics which you have not learned.

Latha N

June 8, 2020 01:34:05pm

A good place to learn coding and faculties always encourage and support us to reach the goal. Thanks to Vikram sir for taking individual care and interacting with students.

Madan N

June 8, 2020 01:37:29pm

The way of teaching, not only the teaching but Vikram Sir has changed my way of thinking, I can see a lot of difference in me. 3 months of the course I think anyone who wants to be a Rockstar Java Developer "UTTARA" is the only choice. I would thank Vikram Sir for putting soo much of efforts in changing many students' life. ThankYou so much sir

Mahesh Mavathur

June 8, 2020 01:44:11pm

Vikram Shastry Sir is the best teacher to show us the right path and guide us to start a good career and to reach our goals. The way he teaches, motivate and fun while learning. Uttara is a perfect place to learn and to make a drastic change in life.

Megha R

June 8, 2020 01:46:13pm

Vikram sir is the best thing about the course. He will make even uninterested people work hard. He has thought not only java but a lot of best practices to follow in life. I think this is the best place to learn java in and out.

Sathisha G S

June 8, 2020 01:47:50pm

I think this is the best institute to learn java.

Sunil Rathod

June 8, 2020 01:49:41pm

One of the best training centre I ever found in Bangalore. Thank you so much Vikram sir.

Sandhya Rani G V

June 8, 2020 01:51:48pm

Vikram sir teaching is good since I am from non-CS background video classes also helped me when I was not able to follow.

Sanjana Subramanya

June 8, 2020 01:53:45pm

Best training ever. Uttara is the best java training centre. Best place for those who want to put efforts and gain knowledge. Great trainer.

Sanjay K

June 8, 2020 01:55:31pm

Teaching was very effective and covered all the important aspects of java. Vikram sir was the best. Helped throughout. Day to day lab was very good. The placement was excellent.

Shweta Hullole

June 8, 2020 01:57:21pm

Best to gain knowledge, and we can learn everything with best practice.

Srinivas Natikar

June 8, 2020 02:00:03pm

Daily labs are useful in improving the knowledge about problem-solving

Kanaka Prasad B K

June 8, 2020 02:04:22pm

This is the best institute for learning java.

Chandrakala Kirasur

August 3, 2020 06:06:02pm

Best thing is they will teach you from basics. And there are after noon practical sessions which are very helpful

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