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Apponix Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the most innovative training companies which dedicatedly offers recruitment support to all its students across the years. Located in Rajajinagar and Marathahalli, the coaches of Apponix technologies delivers excellent classroom trainings in different  areas of technology. Their online training are spread across India, UK and USA.
Apponix promises excellence in quality of service and professionalism to its students. They lead the race by implementing innovation in concepts and trainings across all industry sectors. Their holistic approach is stemmed to meet the long-term needs of both students as well as  employers in tech sector. They ensure that the candidates get the right guidance and the employers gets a constant inflow of high quality staff. Their speciality lies in skills based training courses in the field of IT & few in non-IT. These courses are job oriented. The aim is to offer students something that adds value to their career.  


Course Type Duration Details
Digital Marketing Training Offline 60 View More
Big Data Hadoop Offline 50 View More
Java-J2EE Offline 80 View More
Software testing Offline 80 View More
Google Tag Manager Offline 30 View More
Red hat Linux Offline 60 View More
PowerShell Scripting Offline 40 View More
Web Design and Development Offline 60 View More
Data Science with Python Offline 60 View More
Full Stack Python Programming Offline 120 View More
Microsoft Azure Offline 40 View More
Big Data Hadoop Offline 50 View More
Search Engine Optimization Offline 30 View More
Java-J2EE Offline 80 View More
Software testing Offline 80 View More
Google tag manager Offline 30 View More
Red hat Linux Offline 60 View More
PowerShell Scripting Offline 40 View More
Web Design and Development Offline 60 View More
Data Science with Python Offline 60 View More
Microsoft Azure Cloud Offline 40 View More
Amazon Web Services Offline 40 View More
Amazon Web Services Offline 40 View More
DevOps Offline 40 View More
DevOps Offline 40 View More
Android App Development Offline 80 View More
Android App Development Offline 80 View More
iOS App Development Offline 80 View More
iOS App Development Offline 80 View More
Python Programming Offline 40 View More
Amazon Web Services Online-Live 40 View More
DevOps Online-Live 40 View More
Search Engine Optimisation Online-Live 30 View More
Java-J2EE Online-Live 80 View More
Software testing Online-Live 80 View More
Google Tag Manager Online-Live 30 View More
Digital marketing training Online-Live 60 View More
Red hat linux Online-Live 60 View More
PowerShell Scripting Online-Live 40 View More
Web Design and Development Online-Live 60 View More
Data Science with Python Online-Live 60 View More
Python Programming Online-Live 40 View More
Android App development Online-Live 80 View More
iOS App Development Online-Live 80 View More
Big Data Hadoop Offline 50 View More
Java-J2EE Offline 80 View More
Software testing Offline 80 View More
Red hat Linux Offline 60 View More
Web Design and Development Offline 60 View More
Data Science with Python Offline 60 View More
Python Programming Offline 40 View More
DevOps Offline 40 View More
Android App Development Offline 80 View More
Amazon Web Services Offline 60 View More
Microsoft Azure Cloud Offline 40 View More
Full Stack Python Programming Offline 400 View More
Trainer Name Details
Mr. Srikanth View More
abcdef View More
Mr.Subrat Kumar View More
Mr.Shailesh View More
Mr. Akash View More
Mr. Sreedhar View More
Mr.Loganadan View More
Mr.Neelkanth P View More
Mr. Gauri Shankar View More
Mr. Selvam View More
Ms. Sandhya A View More
Mr. Vinod View More
Mr. Santhosh View More
Mr.Sunil View More

Comments (83)

Arpit Kulkarni

May 21, 2020 04:57:08am

This is the best training institute available at a very reasonable price. The course content, instructors and management team are all very good. The class room sessions and project classes make study enjoyable, with flexible timings on weekdays as well as weekends.

Muneendra R.G

June 25, 2020 01:25:53pm

A good platform to start learning something from scratch. Flexible timings help to complete the desired course in your own time. Last but not the least, friendly staff ensures ones comfort ness while visiting the classes.

Sushmitha T.H.M

June 25, 2020 01:27:47pm

Sridhar sir has good experience and teaching is very good. Learnt a lot of new things in python. It is a good institute for learning python. Staff are very friendly. All the concepts are clear in python.

Pawan Kumar H.D

June 25, 2020 01:29:43pm

One of the best institute in Bangalore. I got good training knowledge of python. I'm satisfied with this institute and also I will recommend others to come here and learn. Thank you Mr Sreedhar sir.

Samyuktha Sridhar

June 25, 2020 01:32:54pm

Very friendly teachers, they get down to your level to help to understand the concept & functions till learnt. I Personally had a lot of fear when it comes to coding & Software, But I feel so much more confident now. Thank you Apponix.

Sanjana Nanjappa

June 25, 2020 01:34:28pm

Classes here conducted on time & the teaching curriculum was very good with assignments and practicals. The teacher did a good job with starting right from the basics.

Vaman Acharya

June 25, 2020 01:37:27pm

It was really nice course. It related to basic python & then we learnt advanced concepts. We get a good time to do hands-on in the class which helped me is gain knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. It would be helpful for students if we can get more examples related is real live industrial applications. Overall it was a nice experience. Thank you Sandhya madam

Likitha M

June 25, 2020 01:41:14pm

The python course which I completed at apponix by Sreedhar sir was of great experience and I learnt a lot of concepts in python. It was more of a practical session than theoretical. I'm thankful to Apponix.

Bhagyashree M.N

June 25, 2020 01:42:39pm

The python training in this institution is really good The trainer explanation makes us to understand the topics easily and in a better way

Srikanth S

June 25, 2020 01:44:33pm

Sreedhar sir class has given me confidence, I can program too he is very knowledgeable and patient in solving doubts. Concepts were very well thought with smile examples that made understanding easy. A big thank you to Sreedhar sir for making my learning experience joyful and memorable.


June 25, 2020 01:46:18pm

We had a great experience. Me being a student I learnt I got a clear picture of what is python. Good faculty good teaching by Sreedhar sir thank you for this. I can now able to do projects on python.

Ujjwal kumar

June 25, 2020 01:50:05pm

I came to know about Apponix through surfing and I strongly believe this was not a bad idea at all. The course was clean and articulate For someone with a non-IT background, I learnt some really good concepts in python. My tutor Mr Sreedhar seemed a very amazing person.

Shivaganga S Patil

June 25, 2020 01:51:25pm

I would like to say thanks to Apponix faculty Sreedhar sir was very friendly with us He made us to understand the concepts very well

Jayachandran K

June 25, 2020 01:53:55pm

Needsome more time to learn the course in-depth, otherwise it is a great learning experience for the current industrial standards.

Durgaprasad Gude

June 25, 2020 01:55:49pm

Great place to start your career they teach everything from scratch, Good classroom experience and good lab seniors they slove each and every doubt you get in classrooms and friendly faculty. Thank you, sreedhar sir, for providing good class seniors.

Bhaskar Mahato

June 25, 2020 01:57:33pm

First of all, I would like to thanks to Apponix technology, The best python & Django institute. The management is very good and they are very friendly and supportive, Especially our trainer sreedhar sir has very good knowledge and good teaching method I just wanna thank you for all entire Apponix Technology

Shwetha A V

June 25, 2020 02:00:09pm

Overall teaching is good and the teacher is so supportive, Mr Sreedhar sir is so down to earth person, He makes sure that his students understand what he is teaching, The faculty is so supportive, One best platform for the freshers to start their career.

Sushmitha A S

June 25, 2020 02:03:05pm

This is the first time I have attended a class in this format and wondered how effective It would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be very much interested. The instructor was very knowledgeable & provided a wealth of information about the current versions of python. I was not sure what to expect because the class was taught remotely, but I was quite impressed with the entire process. The facility was very professional and there were no problems with connectivity.

Akhtar Salim Khan

June 25, 2020 02:15:50pm

Teaching methods of lokanath sir are very different and helpful. I have completed my course on Linux. From this institute, By the time you complete the course, you will be expert in almost all areas of Linux

Guruprasad S S

June 25, 2020 02:20:54pm

One of the good institution and trainer will give hands-on experience skills, way of interacting with the student is also good, and also solving problems and is also very good. The manager Amar way of interacting with students is not good

Harish Y S

June 25, 2020 02:24:00pm

When I joined this institute I was a fresher but now I had enough knowledge of Linux I learnt many things in this course. Thanks to my sir Loknath to teach me a lot of things I had a wonderful experience in this institute, overall it is good and thank you so much.

Kshira Poral

June 25, 2020 02:25:58pm

I think we have got the best trainer. I don’t think someone would do better than Loknath sir He is the best he was very friendly while teaching. He has a vast knowledge about everything and these were the best day. I thank you so much, sir

Shalni Awasthi

June 25, 2020 02:28:20pm

AWS Linux teaching is very good Loknath sir taught in detailed. I'm looking forword to join any other course here

Revanth R

June 25, 2020 02:29:42pm

One of the best trainers for Linux & AWS you would get would be Mr Loganathan where he helped us with everything. He was the best friendly trainer who helped us to learn things so Thank you

Abhishek P

June 26, 2020 01:12:21pm

The overall lab experience was really good. Vishwa who has in-depth knowledge On all the concepts has made every student perfect with the concept and realtime knowledge I would recommend anyone who is looking for a job in DevOps to join Apponix

Zindu Basha N

June 26, 2020 01:14:27pm

Trainers way of explanation & approach is very good Classes are interactive & can be understandable The trainer is sharing notes but my suggestion is to collect all the notes & make it as a book

Jyothi R

June 26, 2020 01:16:52pm

DevOps training was very efficient as it was completely the hands-on practical session Learnt on agile, SDLC methodologies end to end The syllabus was completely covered Vishwa is a very good trainer and I recommend Apponix Technology to my friends & colleagues He helps me offline on any doubts which I get stuck with during practice of lab sessions Thanks to Apponix

Siva Prasad

June 26, 2020 01:18:49pm

Viswa is good & having patience. He is talented I feel this course is good & helpful. When we got stuck in middle Vishwa use to guide & explain the things clearly, overall I feel his teaching & course is good.

Velmurugan G

June 26, 2020 01:25:04pm

When comparing with other training institutes,Apponix has good facility for students. The trainer is really helpful and friendly. we are really satisfied completing this training as this will be useful for one career, Thanks to Apponix.

K.Kiran Krishna

June 26, 2020 01:27:12pm

It was a good experience overall labs help understand the concepts better and staff has good knowledge about the topics.


June 26, 2020 01:29:31pm

Shailendra is extremely knowledgeable & has a bit of patience while explaining. He always good to core logic & explained from the ground up very happy with his way of teaching Thank you Apponix. Would definitely recommend this to others

Hanumantha Reddy S

June 26, 2020 01:31:48pm

Training modules & content is good. Excellent training experience by faculty by giving real-time examples


June 26, 2020 01:33:56pm

The overall training was good. The trainer (Shailendra sir) is having good experience in Azure so used as real-time scenarios to explain the course So I have got good Knowledge on Azure technology

Shajhan P

June 26, 2020 01:36:10pm

The overall training is good. The trainer has good knowledge of real-time experience and also helped us to get some lab practices My concern is that we lost the week of actual syllabus though the trainer said that he is covering one topic every day. It would be easier if he compares the actual syllabus and the topics he is covering every day. It also helps us to need classes & labs. Thank you

Dinesh Y

June 26, 2020 01:40:51pm

We had good azure training which covered everything in-depth, Shailendra trainer gave complete overall info on Azure technology. Now we are able to say that we have knowledge on the Azure Administration

Likhitha Bala

June 26, 2020 01:42:42pm

It was the best Microsoft azure course institute. It's really good institute for freshers and experienced people The trainer is a skilled and experienced person. He clarifies all the doubts immediately.100% satisfaction to join here. He is available all the time for students.


June 26, 2020 01:44:24pm

Very good trainer with respect to knowledge deliver and experience. helped to understand and clarify most of the azure concept also helped to understand beyond content topics. All doubts have cleared as and when asked gained confidence under his training overall good trainer with a vast amount of knowledge.

Jayarama S

June 26, 2020 01:49:39pm

Azure training was up to the mark and all the training and examples given by the instructor was very understandable. Would refer my friends or colleagues who are interested in Azure to this institute & instructor


June 26, 2020 01:51:20pm

Shailendra sir was very professional and awesome while teaching Azure. He really understood the way of his teaching and he has cleared all our doubts. Now I can go for interviews very confidently. Thank you, Shailendra for your teaching.

Subramanya H P

June 26, 2020 01:53:11pm

Good trainer with experience almost 8-10years, Good understanding of Azure Knowledge eaches from basics with PPT and labs Most of the institutes not giving labs but here giving labs after PPT it's good to understand the concepts and how to work and overall very good to learn here.

Praveen kumar

June 26, 2020 02:04:49pm

Joined the class without any knowledge about AWS I am going out with some confidence that can work in the industry. Thanks for Vishwa & Apponix team to enhance my knowledge on AWS

Arun Kadekar N

June 26, 2020 02:14:49pm

I joined for AWS solution Architect course and it was a very fresh experience on the new learning My trainer Vishwanath is knowledgeable and very cooperative with my learning style and always ready to helped me to understand the concept well. I truly admire his patience to teach the concepts the way he teaches and never felt ba movement to grasp the concept.

Ganapathi G S

June 26, 2020 02:16:47pm

The training was really good. The trainer was able to explain the AWS concepts in detail this course has helped me to develop my skills in AWS & cloud technologies. Apponix institute facilities were good & clean

Rajesh B

June 26, 2020 02:20:43pm

Overall had a very good experience. The topics covered by Loknath Sir were made very much clear to understand by anyone without having basics of N/W too and be will clear our doubts, any no of times you can ask him, without hesitating he will clear it so It's a nice experience to have fought by him.

Ravi Kumar

June 26, 2020 02:24:36pm

I have enrolled to AWS, it was a very great experience to learn AWS, Here Vishwa sir have given more focus to the lab instead to theory classes. Which is more relative to understand by doing hands-on practice on various service of AWS.

Ram Kumar M

June 26, 2020 03:48:47pm

Here experience is good & good support also & I learn some new things in this AWS training from Vishwa sir. They give the good clearance class by class also, Finally thanks to all.

Agastya Mahesh

June 26, 2020 03:52:23pm

The course is well structured, Vishwanath has in-depth Knowledge and gives many real-time scenarios to explain concepts, there is good hands-on exposure. One area of improvement is the short duration of the course many topics cloud have been explored more. Overall satisfactory

Rohan Kumar Agarwal

June 26, 2020 03:54:23pm

Overall experience is good. The way Loknath sir teach is really very nice. He explained each and every topic in detail, I found it very easy while he is teaching. Thanks to Apponix and loknath sir.

Sushmitha Raj H D

June 26, 2020 03:56:26pm

Was feeling very comfortable with loganathan sir teaching for AWS. Faculty Are very Friendly and give support to us very well. They understand our problem and teach according to that. They teach us from the basic concepts so that we will be strong in the subject.

Sushma Bante

June 26, 2020 03:58:48pm

Very Friendly lectures resolves the problems and explained the best way of approaches. Prepares the candidate for AWS job. Overall the best place to get introduced to AWS and gain good real-time experience. But the time period is not sufficient.

Prakash Y

June 26, 2020 04:00:44pm

I have gained the AWS knowledge well in this Center. A special thanks to Loganathan sir to training us for the next level career growth. the trainer is skilled & experienced.


June 26, 2020 04:03:22pm

I'm glad to learn under loganathan sir. He taught us very well in a detailed way. He really makes every student satisfied with his teaching as well as his nature. Thank you, sir.

Rudramani M T

June 26, 2020 04:05:33pm

Apponix institute has provided a good stage to learn the AWS course to me. I joined this institute with the desktop background but after joining I learned AWS course-related many things. Vishwanath sir teaching style is excellent. The way he communicates with students & the teaching ways in really excellent. Thank you Vishwanath sir & Apponix Team.


June 26, 2020 04:07:32pm

Vishwanath provided all the information and covered all the AWS services with real-time scenarios. Except for time constraint (4 Weekends) rest of the AWS class structure was good.

Krishna Prasad

June 26, 2020 04:09:19pm

Vishwanath is exceptionally well & highly skilled trainer for AWS & Python as well. He has trained AWS along with coding & scripting for us to develop personal skills on coding as well. The best trainer I have so far been trained on AWS.

Vishwas T P

June 26, 2020 04:11:29pm

Our trainer was Vishwa. Had a good experience on topics of AWS explaining all the topics in-depth with examples which helped us to understand provided labs on each of the topics. Thanks for providing the knowledge.

V Vinod Kumar

June 26, 2020 04:14:16pm

Vishwa is really very good at articulating the topics with real-time examples. Have vast Knowledge across technologies which helps the students to understand better. I came here with minimal knowledge now Vishwa gave a confidant of cracking the realtime issues and most probably interviews. Thank you, Vishwa

Archana Kumari

June 26, 2020 04:16:01pm

It's a good organization with all practical running classes learnt many things in the organization from faculty & fellow classmates. Supportive staff & good things to learn from all

Pratiek N

June 26, 2020 04:18:03pm

The course was very informative and the trainer Vishwa was very knowledgeable and explained concepts in detail. Vishwa trained us for an all-round knowledge to tackle and grow as an individual.

R.Harsha Vardhan Raju

June 26, 2020 04:21:45pm

Very helpful to learn data science course here. Good Atmosphere every topic in data science is explained clearly by faculty, Faculty communicated very Friendly, they will explain every problem without any hesitation.

Brijesh H N

June 26, 2020 04:23:20pm

It's a nice place to learn, The trainer Shreedhar sir had good technical knowledge and he was friendly with students and Thank you

Dilip Kumar R

June 26, 2020 04:26:48pm

Hi, I am very happy to write this feedback. First I thank all the teams in apponix for their support for giving a brief introduction about all the domains and the related courses. Sreedhar Sir explained and made us understand each and every concept in both theoretical and practical.

Amrutha V P

June 26, 2020 04:28:02pm

Classes went good and sreedhar sir teaching was good in systematic manner I had good experience learning data science in Apponix

Ramya V

June 26, 2020 04:30:57pm

I am happy to write feedback for this institute. Data science course is good and booming technology & it's interesting to learn. Sreedhar sir supports lot's he is teaching very good. I am very happy to learn about this course at this institute. Thank you

Himashree D B

June 26, 2020 04:37:31pm

This is a good institute to get knowledge about the course. I have opted Web Design and Development. The coaching was good which helped to know more about the course. Thank you

B Gopinath Reddy

June 26, 2020 04:43:49pm

I would like to thank Apponix team for providing a good atmosphere place with an excellent knowledgable trainer. Gourishankar sir is a good person and he has excellent knowledge of the subject. Learnt a lot of things after joining the course. I really appreciate his patience for us while explaining. Thank you Apponix team

Nitesh J

June 26, 2020 04:49:50pm

In this course, my trainer was Mr Akash who is having great knowledge of web development & designing. Took the course in a well-planned way by doing a small project to cover the topics in the course. I was just expecting a material like stuff just for the after-class reference to recall the small topics. Overall this course will be a good support to my career with some more my efforts.

Suraj naik

June 26, 2020 04:52:10pm

I would like to thank the apponix team for a good atmosphere to learn web designing and development course Especially trainer Gowrishankar Sir is a good and loveable person and his explanation is very good. I learned a lot of things after joining the course. Thank you Apponix team

Akshay N L

June 26, 2020 04:53:39pm

The trainer is good he covered all concepts from basics to advance level. I learnt many things. He covered almost frontend & backend concepts He covered all my doubts.

Shivaputra Ambalgi

June 26, 2020 04:58:21pm

Apponix is a very good institute to gain knowledge. Faculty is very friendly & supportive. Gowrishankar sir is a very good trainer, helps in all the way to a student, by this we can become a very good developer at the end of course. Apponix Institute is holding a very good infrastructure, students can concentrate on the lab facility. Thank you

Pratibha K G

June 26, 2020 05:00:21pm

Thanks for providing us with a lively atmosphere to learn, Very experienced trainer specially Gowrishankar sir. His teaching is really good gained some practical knowledge and institute faculty is very supportive.

Sanjana Kadaba Jaisimha

June 26, 2020 05:02:59pm

Overall the training was very successful as it provided me with practical knowledge other than regular theoretical knowledge. Our trainer Gourishankar sir was very friendly and is highly knowledge all my doubts & confusions were cleared. Each and every concept was explained application-wise & as a result. It is best and highly recommended to choose Apponix.

Snehlata shah

June 26, 2020 05:04:58pm

Special thanks to Praveen sir as he takes special care of his students problem, And a big shout out to Gowrishankar Sir who is the best teacher a beginner can have. He has in-depth knowledge about the topics and really helps every student in clearing their doubts and is very friendly (ie, easy to approach). He teaches in a very awesome easy way. Thanks to him today I feel confident at the end of the course.

Lakshmi Narasimhan M

June 26, 2020 05:08:28pm

Excellent teaching from the faculty Gowrish along with good lab overall along the course is designed from beginner to advanced and excellently cover all the important know-how of present web technology and it's requisites with projects given to make us work assignments and the class help one to structure the thinking CSS, HTML, JS, Jquery, PHP, MYSQL, Full-stack development then Apponix is the best.

Syeed Mohammed Hussaini

June 26, 2020 05:10:30pm

The environment of the institute was too good and faculty support is too much to learn the new things specially Gowrishankar sir who supported about to learn the WDD very best institute I had never seen.

Chaitra G

June 26, 2020 05:13:38pm

First of all, I would like to thank Apponix technology. The best web designing & developing institute. It was a great experience. I recommend everyone to choose this Apponix technology.

Arthi M

June 26, 2020 05:15:58pm

I am Arthi, taken course is web designing and development. Best place to learn practical knowledge is apponix. Apponix is providing friendly teachers and peaceful environment we can develop our knowledge in a practical way. We can expose our ideas here. Starting we get a lot of doubt, but the completion we got confident to build our page and many tasks, Thanks for giving this place.

Shashank G S

June 26, 2020 05:18:38pm

I had enrolled in a web design and development course, The trainers are really good and you can learn a lot more than what you actually expect. I would tell that this is the best institute that you can learn in this locality. I thank all the staff & trainers of apponix that have given to us.

Alex Saji

June 26, 2020 05:21:32pm

The course was very nice and good. The total atmosphere of the institute is good and the staff are behaving in a good manner. Our trainer Mr Gowrishankar has good knowledge in web designing and development.

Najeebulla H Aigali

June 26, 2020 05:25:48pm

I joined here with less knowledge of web designing but when Gowrishankar sir trained us on designing and development with every concept now it is easier to understand further. Gowrishankar sir has very good knowledge about development and design. He is very supportive and ready to clear doubts any times. And also all the faculties and staffs are very supportive.


June 26, 2020 05:28:56pm

Best institute to learn and develop skills. Friendly faculty. Trainer (Rohith sir) have full knowledge to clear all the doubts and especially I learnt new things.

Kavya N

June 26, 2020 05:31:09pm

First, of all, I would thank Apponix to give the best training in web designing & development. Specially Gowrishankar sir I would like to Thank heartly to teach us so efficiently.

Thanushree H S

June 26, 2020 05:32:48pm

I am glad to say that I had a very good experience. I would like to thank Apponix Technologies. And very special thanks to Gourishankar sir he & the Apponix guys are very friendly and I just say that very thankfully to Apponix Technology.

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