What is iTrain?

iTrain is a 360* Interview preparation program, which will give you the opportunity to learn the basic and advanced interview skills needed to gain the confidence to crack any job interview.

It is designed to help you learn by experience rather than a generic training approach which is proven to work the best.

With the experience of an end-to-end process, self-evaluation, and expert feedback you will have an extra edge over your peers.

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What Will You Get


Assess your Numerical, Logical, Reasoning and other innate abilities and talents


Participate in our live online group discussion and bring confidence in your diction

Face to Face
Online Interview

Attend an online one on one interview session with industry experts


Upon completion of all the rounds, get the recording of your performance for self evaluation


With the help of our team, prepare a CV that meets international standards. With a tailored CV, rest assured that you will be shortlisted for interviews.

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Let us train you for a professional career so that you walk out with your head held higher.

Avail all the benefits at just Rs 4999/- Rs 3499

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