Social Media Manager | A Career Overview

Social Media Manager | A Career Overview

Who is a Social Media Manager?

   A social media manager is similar to a community manager in many aspects. They are the person in charge of your social media strategy, from posting schedules to performance reporting. They are frequently in charge of managing a team and assuring the quality of all postings in accordance with the company's social media policy.

They have a unique combination of "big picture, tiny picture" skills, such as managing your online community, increasing engagement and clicks, and handling the social aspects of marketing initiatives.

A social media marketing manager's position is critical to a company's reputation, development, and brand image. They are not simply keeping their eyes and ears open to consumer dialogues in your online community.

What do they do?

A social media manager's day-to-day responsibilities include checking the day's scheduled posts, making any necessary changes, editing copy, and meeting with fellow marketing team peers about upcoming campaigns, product launches, or other promotional opportunities — such as a CEO interview or a new partnership that you'd like to announce publicly. All of this must be integrated into your social media strategy roadmap. Your day will also contain community management tasks including liking, commenting on, and sharing posts from your followers, partners, and peers.

Roles and Responsibilities of Social Media Manager:-

  • Conduct research on current benchmark trends as well as audience preferences.

  • Create and implement a social media plan that is in accordance with the company's goals.

  • Set precise goals and report on ROI.

  • Create, edit, publish and distribute compelling material on a daily basis (e.g. original text, photos, videos, and news)

  • To achieve brand consistency, collaborate with other departments such as marketing, sales, and customer support.

  • Communicate with followers, reply to inquiries quickly, and keep track of client feedback.

  • Supervise the design of social media profiles (e.g. Facebook cover, post content, profile pictures, and blog layout)

  • Suggestion and implementation of new features to increase brand recognition, such as promotions and contests

  • Maintain current knowledge of contemporary technologies and trends in social media, design tools, and apps.

Required Skills:

  • Work experience as a social media manager is required.

  • Practical knowledge of content management is required.

  • Outstanding copywriting abilities

  • Capability to create and deliver innovative content (text, image and video)

  • Solid understanding of SEO, keyword research, and Google Analytics Understanding of online marketing channels

  • Excellent communication abilities and knowledge of web design

  • Analytical and multitasking abilities are required.

  • BSc in Marketing or a related discipline

  • Principles of graphic design are understood.

  • Experience as a social media brand manager.

  • Capability to assess campaign success.

Salary Statistics:


Experience ( in Years )

Salary Range(per anum)

Fresh or Entry-level 


Rs 1,02,000- Rs 2,00,000



Rs 3,00,000- Rs 5,00,000



Rs 5,00,000- Rs 11,07,000

A very experienced Social Media Manager can get up to  12,00,000 LPA. 

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