Community Manager | A Career Overview

Community Manager | A Career Overview

Who is a Community Manager?

Community managers act as the link between your organization and your target audience. Through community support, content distribution, and digital engagement, they serve as the voice, tone, and moderator of the brand, increasing brand presence and trust both online and in person.
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What do they do?

A community manager contributes to the creation, growth, and management of an organization's or brand's online communities. A community manager discovers what people are saying about a company or brand by monitoring social media outlets, online forums, and blogs with analytics tools. A community manager also interacts with customers and fans, as well as uses social media and live events to increase brand loyalty. A community manager communicates value to an organization's customers by developing and implementing programmes that connect customers and help them learn from one another.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Creation, planning and implementation of social network and communication campaigns and strategies 
• Deliver engaging text, graphics and video content to all social networks and professional accounts. 
• Timely response to customer requests 
• Monitor, track and report reviews and reviews online. 
• Organizing and managing events to increase brand awareness 
• Coordination with Marketing, PR and Communications departments 
• Collaborate with development and sales departments to keep up with the latest trends in digital technology.

Education and Experience:

• B.S. degree in marketing, communications, skillset, or related field 
• Experience with marketing, sales, or social media 
• Familiarity with marketing strategies, sales techniques, and social media management

Required skills and qualifications:

• Ability to attract consumers 
• Strong communication skills 
• Interesting, witty and relevant with social media comments 
• Creative and always up to date 
• Excellent project management skills 
• Strong organizational strength 
• Experienced market researcher 
• Strong interpersonal skills 
• Deep knowledge of analytical skills and social media insights 
• Expert level with community management navigation tools.

Preferred qualifications

• In-depth knowledge of social media platforms and online networks 
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
• Summary of successful online marketing campaigns is a plus 
• Excellent time management skills 
• Dedicated commitment to successful customer service opportunities

Salary Statistics:

The common income for a Community Manager is $49,978 in line with the year. Compensation can encompass bonuses, overtime, dental, scientific and a 401(k). Candidates with vast paintings experience, a validated tune file in walking network campaigns and extra superior qualifications can also additionally acquire better salaries (SOURCE: Indeed )
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